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Queen’s Birthday Honours

Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO)
Sir Stephen Lamport KCVO DL

Ryan Campbell
David Havelock

Mrs Paula Assheton
Dr Anne Bamford
Michael Hay MBE
Ian Ritchie
Andrew Sharpe

Iain Armitage
Robert Avis
Mrs Alison Browning
Dr Sally Ann Evans
Ms Helen Fisher
Brian Howard
David Joy

James Allen
Michael Barnes
Stewart Dakers
Mrs Caroline Evans
David Ireland
Mrs Georgina Kitchener
Mrs Christine Mathez- Davey
Mrs Sue Tatham
Mrs Janet Thompson





Awards for Surrey residents


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The honours system offers public recognition to people in all walks of life and all sections of society who have given quite exceptional service and made a difference in their community or in the country. There are several different types of award, each one recognising a different type of contribution.

The British honours system is one of the oldest in the world. It has evolved over 650 years and today recognises merit, gallantry and service. Honours lists are published twice a year at New Year and in mid-June on the date of The Queen's official birthday.

Anyone can receive an award if they reach the required standard of merit or service, and honours lists contain a wide variety of people from different backgrounds. Anyone can nominate someone for an award but it is important to note that longevity in a position is not sufficient in itself and that honours are not usually awarded after someone has retired.

Access to the required form and further information can be obtained by clicking here.

To support a nomination, it is essential to source and submit several strong letters of recommendation, from people who know at first hand about the work that has been done by the individual being nominated.

It is important to recognise that a nomination can take around 18 months to go through the vetting process, from the point it is submitted to the Cabinet Office. The fact of nomination should be kept strictly confidential as sadly a relatively few people can be honoured and it is best to avoid disappointment. If a nomination proves unsuccessful. it is sometimes possible for the Lord-Lieutenant to arrange some other form of recognition, as a ‘thank you’ for exceptional service.


Privacy Notice

New Year Honours

Companion of the Order of the Bath
Raymond John Long
Howard Orme
Stephen John Charles Speed

Rt Hon Cheryl Elise Kendall Gillan MP
Ms Rosemary Anne Squire OBE

Paul David Baumann
Shaun Kingsbury
Ms Nuzhat Saleh

Professor Karen Bryan
Ms Catherine Jane Clarke
Michael Hyde Collon
Eamonn Holmes
Dr Elizabeth Angela McDonnell
Ms Vinodka Murria
John Cook Pattullo
Mrs Pauline Shaw
Colin Stuart Squire
John Nicholas Woolf

Mrs Maria Emilia Angel
Ms Jacqueline Alexandra Gerrard Timothy James Lovett
Mrs Carolyn Ann Roseberry-Sparkes Mrs Freda Streeter
Patrick Francis Benjamin Tatham

Richard Cleaves
Mrs Betty Irene Johnson
Paul David Roy
Mrs Adele Ellen Silvey
Martin Piers Grant Thompson
Mrs Patricia Catherine Venton
Mrs Kerstin Yvonne Wheeler


Awards for Surrey residents
2017 - 2012